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The fundamental question in Marketing

Marketing with impact #1

What is the fundamental question in marketing?

Before you start any marketing activity, there's one fundamental question you should always consider. The answer to this question isn't just important for achieving marketing impact—it's something every successful company can confidently respond to.

A little hint, this question is NOT  :
→ How to get more followers?
→ How to get more likes?
→ How to get more leads?
→ How to decrease my CPC?
→ How can I increase impressions?
→ How can I get a better brand reputation?
→ How long should my video content be?

All these questions are important, but they are not the fundamental question, the one you should ask yourself before starting any marketing activity.

With this video, @Rodrigo Ez, our marketing and branding strategist, starts the "Marketing with impact" series. Without fear of controversy, he goes into the core of what should be the marketing engine.


  • Your grandmother's food 
  • Red Bull's marketing strategy
  • Private- Labels from Aldi, Mercadona and supermarkets marketing strategy
  • The dictatorship of cost dependency 
  • The omnipotent market that never lies 
  • The explanation of why Amazon always beats you
  • Value-Based Marketing 
  • Mucho amor

No more guesswork.
Make marketing a simple, rewarding and effective step-by-step process.


Step by Step guide to avoid cost dependency

Featuring Tesla, Red Bull, Amazon, Flying Power, Aldi, Daviz Muñoz, your grandma´s food, a remora and a whale.

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